Read it Easy

This website is free.

You can use it to read easy to read books on your computer.
All books are adapted into easy to read
and they have pictures, music and animations to understand them better.
Easy to read is a method to make information easier to understand.

It is useful for people with reading difficulties so they can understand texts.

For example, older people, people with disabilities
or immigrants who do not know the language.

You can read the books in Spanish and English.

To choose the language click LANGUAGES,
and then the flag of Spain for Spanish
or UK for English.

To search for a book,
You can search by its cover.

Before you start reading,
It will explain how to fully enjoy these books.

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click on Contact,
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This web has been made by LÉELO FACIL 2.0
LÉELO FÁCIL 2.0 is a project of FEAPS
funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.
LÉELO FÁCIL means read it easy. Other organizations participated in the project. .

We hope you enjoy reading these books.