This website is a library that has books.
The books have text, animated images and sounds.
Therefore, these books are a bit different from others
and we call them enriched digital books.

The books have words written in bold.
Some are written in black and others in colors, such as red or blue.
The words written in bold are links.
I you click on them with the mouse you will see explanations or images.

This library is easy to use.
Enter the website and you will see a menu with several buttons.
The buttons take you to sections of the page.
Press a button to go to a section.

The sections of the site are:
  • Library.
    This is the main section.
    Here are the books available to read.
  • Instructions.
    This is the section where you are now.
    This section shows you how to use this website.
  • Read it easy.
    This section is a summary of the project "Read it easy"
    which is the project that made this page.
  • Contact.
    This section is a form
    to send suggestions to the creators of the library.

In the Library section there are the books to read.
Click the picture of the book to read it.
Each book has a button below
called "see information of the book".

Click this button and you will see:
  • An explanation of the book/li>
  • The date of publication of the book
  • Information about the author
  • Information about the adapter person
  • And another button to read the book.

When you enter a book, the screen will change.
The book will be on the left and on the right you will find a new menu.

The new menu has:
  • Index.
    The index is a list of all the chapters of the book.
    The names of the chapters are buttons.
    Click a name and it will take you to your chosen chapter.
  • Go to Page.
    Write down the number of a page and click the button
    "go" the book will be open by the page you have chosen.
  • Volume.
    The volume is a bar.
    Move it up or down to increase or decrease the volume.
  • Zoom.
    Zoom is a bar.
    Move it up or down to enlarge or shrink the size of the book.
  • Read book full screen.
    It is a button that removes the menu and enlarges the book.
    So, you use the entire screen to read the book.